Mike Grant has been my financial advisor since early 2006. He has given me sound professional advice and is extremely fair, efficient and thorough in his work. Mike is easy to talk to and I trust him implicitly. I have peace of mind about all things financial as I know that I can discuss them with Mike. J F, Surrey

How Services Are Paid For

An initial telephone discussion or meeting of up to an hour is offered without charge or obligation. The purpose of this session is to help you decide if you want to appoint me as your IFA but also for us to clarify your financial objectives and needs and the nature of the work that is required. I will not take you on as a client unless I am sure the advice has greater value than its cost. Value normally means the expected benefits from good investment returns or tax savings but it also includes assurance and guidance through complex financial planning decisions.

If you decide to appoint me as your IFA an hourly fee of £160 per hour applies for all work. An estimate of the total cost will normally be provided in advance.

When a fee becomes due, normally on conclusion of the work a timesheet is sent with each invoice. This shows the work done, the relevant dates and the time spent in minutes.

There are a variety of fee payment options which will be discussed with you. A pure fee applies when the work is fully chargeable by invoice. However for investments and pensions there is an option of paying for advice through a product fee called an Adviser Charge. This has replaced commission and is an individually agreed fee that is built into the product sale i.e. it is paid for from your investment.

Commission may be payable to the firm from arranging pure insurance products. Unlike most advisers initial commissions that are received are fully credited to you, typically by being offset against the cost of my work. This reduces or eliminates a directly invoiced fee. If the commission exceeds a fee, the excess will be rebated to you in some way. It may be re-invested into the insurance product to reduce premiums, used to cover the cost of other work, paid as a cash sum to you or kept on your timesheet as a credit for future use. Please note cash rebates are not made from investments or pensions due to a liability to tax .

Currently VAT is not levied on fees, but this may change in the future.

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